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Language Arts / Literacy

Slim the Ogre: Connectives

Slim the Ogre: Connectives

Welcome to this Slim the Ogre App on Connectives. The app contains 12 dynamic games to help young people understand everything there is to know about Connectives.

Suitable for: Teacher, Home Educator, Student, Parent
Players: Single
Published by: Bongo LLP

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Full Description

Welcome to this Slim the Ogre App on Connectives. Do your students have trouble using connectives? Do they use the same ones over and over? In this Slim the Ogre App they will see many different connectives in action. From connectives to connectives as adverbs and subordinating conjunctions, this app is part of a series of essential apps that teach the aspects of English grammar in a fun and interesting way, through playing 12 grammar games. Your students will enjoy the eccentric context of Slim the Ogre’s adventures in Ogg, of canned ears and snotcake, lazy ogres and rickety shacks.

With lots of fun along the way, they will help all English language learners whether English is a first language, ESL or EFL. The app also provides word games to revise recognizing nouns, adjectives and adverbs plus a challenging word search and a silly jigsaw for some light relief. This is a complete app where students work independently and check their answers as they go.


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